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Want to Become a Successful Tenant? Rent Well can Help

Renting is more complicated than many people understand.  It’s a business relationship, and you need to understand your rights and responsibilities to be a successful renter.

Rent Well is a 15-hour tenant education class that helps you become a successful, stable renter by providing information that can help you build a positive relationship with your landlord. Additionally, if you have ever been denied housing, Rent Well can help you explore any screening barriers you may have, such as evictions, credit problems or criminal history. The class will walk you through steps to address those barriers and prepare you to be a successful, stable tenant in the future.

Who can benefit from the Rent Well Tenant Education Program?

  • People who have never rented before and have no rental history or those with no recent rental history due to homelessness
  • People who have poor rental history or rental screening barriers like evictions, bad credit and poor landlord references
  • People who have criminal histories
  • People who have a good rental history but want to better understand their rights and responsibilities as a tenant

What will I learn in a Rent Well Tenant Education Class?

  • The landlord's perspective and expectations
  • Tenant responsibilities and rights
  • How to use good communication skills with your landlord
  • How to be a good neighbor
  • How to maintain a clean, safe and healthy home

How will a Rent Well Tenant Education Class help prepare me to be a successful renter?

  • Pre-screening yourself from a landlord's perspective to highlight any potential pitfalls
  • Creating a personalized plan for stable housing
  • Creating a workable household budget that makes paying rent a priority
  • Reviewing rental agreements to understand common terms and expectations
  • Creating a housing portfolio that will show landlords your qualifications as renter

When and where are classes held?

If you are a client of a community agency check with that agency first to find out if there may be a Rent Well class available for you.

Rent Well classes are held at a wide variety of community agencies for their clients and for those who meet their eligibility criteria. 
The following are just a few of these type of offerings. 


Multnomah County


Location: 833 SE Main Street, Portland OR 97214 Suite #330 Office, #214 meeting room

Dates: Wednesdays 9:00 am - 12:00 pm – April 16 through May 21 

Cost: $50

Notes: This training meets once a week, for 6 weeks. 

There are two options to enroll, pick the one the works best for you:

  • Reserved Seat - guaranteed seat in the class - 50% paid to enroll, rest before the first class. Or we also accept 3rd party arrangements (agency, case manager, landlord, etc)
  • Drop In - Show up the first class if there is room - Fee paid at first class (cash only)

For more information contact us - Phone - 503-941-0126  Email -  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    Online -

Young Minds of Awareness

Upcoming Trainings: No information available at this time.  For up to date information please call 503-975-7992.

Rose Haven

Location: 627 NW 18th Ave Portland, Oregon 97209

Upcoming Trainings: No current information available, for up to date information please call 503-248-6364 X301.

SEI Community and Family Programs 

No current information available. Please call 503-285-0493 for any questions regarding the program.

Washington County

Community Action Serving Washington County

No current information available. Please call 503-640-3263 for any questions regarding the program. 

Llame al 503-640-3263 para información acerca de otras clases Rent Well el español, llame al 503-726-0821.

Clackamas County

Clackamas County Social Services

Next Trainings: Classes are ongoing and available. Call 503-650-5647 for next available class.

EligibilityParticipants must be Clackamas County residents to be eligible for this class.

NotesParticipants must attend an intake screening, call for appointment.

Clark County,WA

Clark County Social Services

Next Trainings: Contact Kate Budd at 360-397-2075 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Eligibility: Participants must be engaged in services through specific organizations.

Notes: Classes are offered through Share, Second Step Housing, CVAB and the Vancouver Housing Authority. 

The Longview Housing Authority in Cowlitz County, WA will begin offering Rent Well classes through a partnership with Clark County in September.

Contact: Jon DieterLongview Housing Authority, 360-423-0140 x. 21,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Home Forward does not offer Rent Well classes. 

Staff of non-profit organizations who wish to become certified instructors or landlords with questions about the program can contacHome Forward for more information.


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